kitchen design flexibility for food halls and mixed use properties

How to design kitchen ventilation flexibility into Food Halls and Mixed-Use Retail properties.

Vendor spaces in Food Halls or Mixed-Use Retail properties have significant logistical and infrastructure challenges. Creating spaces for foodservice operations before the vendor(s) have been identified while maintaining a high degree of infrastructure flexibility would be the goal, but often can fall short. Depending on the Food Halls or Mixed-Use property location, a secondary concern […]

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Mixed-Use Retail Properties

Kitchen Ventilation Base Building Requirements for Food Halls and Mixed-Use Retail Properties

The popularity of Food Halls and Mixed-Use Retail properties has created a significant challenge for property developers and designers. The nature of the foodservice operations is to design for the unknown in many instances. Although the overall concept may be known, the needs of individual tenants may not be. Planning the base building infrastructure for […]

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Ventless Hood Solutions

Advantages and Limitations of Ventless Solutions for Commercial Kitchen Ventilation

When designing a kitchen ventilation system, there may be a location where it is not cost-effective to run ductwork to the exterior of the building. This approach should always be the first consideration. In the absence of a practical means of ducting the kitchen exhaust, a ventless solution also known as a ductless solution can […]

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Residential range in a commercial space

What the Building Codes require when installing a residential range in a commercial space.

Cooking causes over 50% of residential fires and over 29% of non-residential fires. It is important to understand what is needed when installing a residential-rated range in a commercial space. This type of application differs from traditional commercial kitchen ventilation systems. Those are governed by a different set of codes and requirements. Typically a residential […]

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