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Kitchen Exhaust Filters

A Dive into Commercial Kitchen Exhaust Filters

In the bustling heart of any culinary haven lies the kitchen, where delicious meals are crafted and magic happens. But behind the scenes, there’s a crucial component that ensures the kitchen’s smooth operation – the exhaust system. An efficient kitchen exhaust system not only ensures a comfortable environment for chefs and staff but also guarantees […]

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Solid Fuel Cooking

Embracing Tradition: The Revival and Surge in Solid Fuel Cooking’s Popularity.

In recent years, there has been a resurgence of interest in solid fuel cooking, mainly using wood-fired ovens and grills. While it is difficult to determine the exact popularity of solid fuel cooking compared to other cooking methods, there are a few reasons why it has gained attention: Flavor and Aesthetics: Solid fuel cooking, such […]

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restaurant kitchen maintenance

A Breath of Fresh Air: Maintaining and Cleaning Your Restaurant’s Ventilation System

Running a restaurant is a challenging but rewarding endeavor. Beyond crafting delicious dishes and delivering top-notch service, it’s essential to prioritize the maintenance and cleanliness of your restaurant’s kitchen ventilation system. A well-maintained ventilation system ensures a comfortable dining experience and plays a critical role in maintaining air quality, energy efficiency, and overall safety. This […]

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Heat Recovery Ventilation in Commercial Kitchens

Heat Recovery Ventilation of Commercial Kitchen Exhaust is Gaining Traction.

An Exploration of factors to keep in mind and the advantages of heat recovery in commercial kitchen exhaust. With rising energy costs, food service operations are looking to leverage every energy dollar to reduce waste and minimize their environmental impact. Heat recovery systems have been around for a long time. Still, commercial kitchen exhaust systems […]

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Solid Fuel Cooking Ventilation

What you should know about kitchen ventilation when designing for Solid Fuel Cooking

Your Comprehensive Guide for Kitchen Ventilation Design of Solid Fuel Cooking. Of all the commercial kitchen ventilation designs, solid fuel cooking presents some significant challenges. The design should consider not only source capture, but mitigation of fire risk and system maintenance when designing. Several important factors must be considered. Here are some key points to […]

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technological advancements in commercial kitchens

How Might ‘Big Data” be Used to Improve Commercial Kitchen Operations?

The pace of technological advancements in commercial kitchens is increasing. They are driven by connectivity and IoT (Internet of Things) platforms collecting vast amounts of data. How can this data be analyzed and put to good use by the operator? Operators can leverage data in commercial kitchens to optimize operations, improve efficiency, enhance customer experiences, […]

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Technology in Commercial Kitchens

Technology in Commercial Kitchens, What Does the Future Hold?

The future of commercial kitchen technology is expected to be driven by advancements in automation, connectivity, sustainability, and enhanced user experience. Early adopters are seeing improvements in several areas of food service operations. A companion blog will explore how data may be leveraged to improve operations and customer experience. Here are some key trends and […]

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How NFPA 96 and IMC Chapter 5 intersect

How NFPA 96 (National Fire Protection Association) and IMC (International Mechanical Code) Chapter 5 intersect.

NFPA 96 (National Fire Protection Association) and IMC (International Mechanical Code) Chapter 5 both play significant roles in regulating commercial kitchen ventilation systems. While they are separate documents, they often complement each other and address different aspects of commercial kitchen ventilation. NFPA 96 establishes standards for the installation of commercial kitchen ventilation systems and fire […]

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make up air unit understand the differences

Exploring Make Up Air Unit Gas Heaters: Understanding the Differences Between Direct and Indirect Fired Systems

Outside air in some climates require heating in the winter. Direct gas-fired and indirect gas-fired heaters are the two most popular means of heating incoming outside air. The purpose of the make up air units is to provide fresh air to buildings to compensate for the exhaust of the kitchen hood. The International Mechanical Code […]

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Carbon Neutral Commercial Kitchens - What is it and what does it look like in practice?

What is Carbon Neutral, and What Does it Look Like in Practice for a Commercial Kitchen?

What is carbon neutral, and what does it look like in practice for a commercial kitchen? Many foodservice operators are recognizing the importance of minimizing their environmental footprint. Resources, such as energy, foodstuffs, and waste disposal, are under price and logistical pressure. It makes sense to carefully examine how an operation can utilize these resources […]

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