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Demand Control Ventilation

Is Demand Control Ventilation required on all projects?

Demand Control Ventilation is a control system that varies the volume of exhaust (and supply) based on cooking activity. Since there are idle and peak periods for most cooking operations, the potential to save fan and HVAC energy is significant. ASHRAE 90.1 (American Society of Heating Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers) establishes design standards for […]

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Who is the “AHJ” and what authority do they have on a project?

AHJ refers to “The Authority Having Jurisdiction”. The AHJ has final authority for the interpretation of fire and building codes (NFPA, IMC). Although model codes are interepted fairly consistently, a number of municipalities may have variations or interpret certain elements of the codes differently. In some cases there are additions not covered in the model […]

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What are the standards for hood overhang to specific cooking equipment? Is it based on UL Listings of the hood?

The specific overhang (ends, front and/or rear) are predicated on the U.L. 710 testing for the specific model of that manufacturer. When testing for capture of visible cooking vapors, the manufacturer establishes the overhangs to test under (6” (152mm) on the ends for example). Assuming they pass the test, that overhang becomes part of their […]

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